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Whether you are a first-time buyer or seeking a mortgage renewal, working with a competent mortgage broker can help you secure some of the lowest mortgage rates in Canada. By working with multiple lenders and having an in-depth knowledge of real estate finances, we assist you in finding the best mortgage for your situation. We can help people with bad credit secure lower rates with better terms so they can still find and purchase the home of their dreams. And, best of all, our services are paid for by the lender, not you!

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Who offers the lowest rate?


Mortgage brokers can offer some of the best mortgage rates in Canada by working with multiple lenders and delivering exclusive mortgage products. They shop around to match you with the best mortgage for your current situation and can pass on volume discounts.



Banks offer convenient options that are limited to their mortgage products. They may offer discounts on their rates, but you will be responsible for securing them. They are preferable for people who want a consolidated financial platform but may not be as flexible for those with bad credit.

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What are the options?

Are you getting the best rate for your mortgage?

Credit Score

The better your credit score, the better able you are to negotiate for a larger mortgage, as it shows lenders that you can handle your finances appropriately.

Down Payment

The amount of capital you start with will help us determine the maximum mortgage you can pre-qualify for and whether or not loan insurance will be required.


The payment schedule of your mortgage will affect how much you spend in interest, so it is important to choose an amount that addresses both the principal and interest within a suitable time frame.

Mortgage Type

Fixed-rate mortgages keep your expenses routine, but you may miss out on savings that occur when the prime rate drops. Variable rates take advantage of these fluctuations but also suffer when the rate rises.

Frequently asked questions

Lenders are legally required to send your renewal statement 21 days before the mortgage deadline, but you can begin the renewal process up to 120 days before the deadline. Before renewing your mortgage, be sure to speak with a mortgage broker to ensure you take advantage of any changes in the available products or interest rates.

A down payment is the portion of the purchase price that you pay out of your own pocket. It is usually expressed as a percentage of the total cost to help calculate what mortgage and insurance products are available to you.

There are several ways to pay your mortgage down sooner. Lump-sum payments against the principal, doubling your monthly payments or switching to an accelerated payment schedule are all good options. You may also want to consider a shorter amortization when renewing your mortgage.

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